Kadokawa Games on November 24 going to release its own game developer software in Japan directly for Nintendo 3DS. Well it is not a hardcore software, you can create your game using your touchscreen and without any hardcore coding. Still these programs at the moment are very popular in the indie developers so it has a market.

With the new RPG Maker Fes you can create only 2D dot style RPG games but you can set everything. Background, items, elements, characters, enemies, music and at the end you can share your games with other and you can upload them to the eShop as a free to play title. (The RPG Maker Fes will be required to download the games and play with them).

According to the new press release with the RPG Maker Fes you can store 16 games on your SD card. It is not clear how they calculated it or this number fixed for the default 4GB SD card of the 3DS. But hey, you can be sure you can store 16 games on the card!