Square Enix release on December 15, 2016 in Japan the next SaGa game the SaGa SCARLET GRACE on PlayStation Vita. The game will be available in download and package version and Square Enix from today (October 24) started to accept the pre-orders for the digital version!

If you book the DL edition from the Japan PSN until December 14, 2016 you will get the ice sword, with an armor set which includes 3 different items. It should be noted that Square Enix published a store list where if you pre-order the package version of the game you will find a download code which allows you to download an additional weapon / item set.

On the official website of the Sony’s page you can pre-order the official SaGa SCARLET GRACE PS Vita console which release in 3 different colors in limited quantity. The price will be 20 980 Yen + tax which includes the console, all the original accessories and the PS Vita theme.