Koei Tecmo Games announced the release of the 2nd Yorunonaikuni game the Yorunonaikuni 2 in Japan. The game release on December 22, 2016 in Japan during the holiday season on PlayStation 4 and Vita for the following prices:

  • PS4 Package version: 7300 Yen + tax
  • PS Vita Package version: 6300 Yen + tax
  • PS4 Premium Box: 10 300 Yen + tax
  • PS Vita Premium Box: 9300 Yen + tax
  • PS4 Collector’s Box: 16 300 Yen + tax
  • PS Vita Collector’s Box: 15 300 Yen + tax

This title will be the continue of the 2015 October released Yorunonaikuni which released on PS4, PS3 and Vita but as you can see the 2nd game not going to release on PS3. In the previous work the hot topic was the relationship of the 2 girls but the 2nd game this time going to focus on 3 girls.
The game going to has a new element, each heroine going to receive a fix support character what the player can’t change. The developer team of the game is the same team as the first game. Stay tuned for more information!