Sony release on November 18, 2016 in Japan the Xperia Ear for Android devices only. Using this one ear device you can control your phone with voice actions and of course you can use it as a headset. The price will be about 20 000 Yen (~192 USD / 172 EUR / 152 GBP) but you can find the device with different price tags in the stores and the online shops.

The Xperia Ear going to requires minimum Android 4.4 OS and it can works with smartphones and tablets. It is as we wrote a one ear type headset which can be used via Bluetooth and you can pair it with your Android device with one touch using NFC (if there is no NFC in your device you have to follow the standard Bluetooth paring steps).
Of course you will need the official application of the device what you can download from the Google Play.

While you can’t listen music with it you it can tells to you the latest notifications and you can control your device immediately as you put it into your ear thanks for the Sony’s engineer. Shaking your head horizontal or vertical you can give YES / NO functions such as for the phone calls.

From the battery side you can use it with one charge for 12 hours and the charging time takes about 4 hours using and USB cable. The Xperia Ear is waterproof (got IPX2 certification) so you don’t need to worry about the rain or the sweat.

With the voice commands you can reply to your SNS messages (Twitter, Facebook, LINE) and you can even reply to your e-mails (Gmail, Built-in E-mail app e-mails) and it can read out them to you. With basic commands and with active internet connections the device can use some social features using the Wikipedia and the Yahoo! Weather for your question’s answer.

The Xperia Ear is a perfect device for the business class and for those who don’t want to hold their phones all the time in their hands.
About the iOS users, sorry it will be compatible only with Android and Sony isn’t planning at the moment any iOS version.