Microsoft Japan announced the next price cut campaign in Japan for the Xbox One to help with it to raise the selling of the console in the country.
From October 13, 2016 you can buy with 5000 Yen OFF the 500GB and the 1TB version Xbox One.

It should be noted that on the same day going to release the official Xbox One Battlefield 1 Bundle Pack with the 500GB version console! (The game release later) If you are lucky and you can still find (and there is a big chance for this in Japan) the HALO Master Chief collection and the Division Bundle package version Xbox Ones, you get get those edition too with 5000 Yen OFF.

Check out the new prices in here:

  1. Microsoft Xbox One 500 GB – 29 980 Yen + tax
  2. Microsoft Xbox One 1 TB – 34 980 Yen + tax
  3. Microsoft Xbox One Battlefield 1 Bundle (500 GB) – 29 980 Yen + tax
  4. Microsoft Xbox One HALO: Master Chief Bundle (500 GB) – 29 980 Yen + tax
  5. Microsoft Xbox One: Division Bundle (1 TB) – 34 980 Yen + tax