Sony released today the Japanese version of the Wipeout Omega Collection on PlayStation 4. The game released on June 6, 2017 in English in North America and Europe. This title is by the way the PS4 version of the Wipeout HD on PlayStation 3 with all the released DLCs includes Wipeout HD Fury and the Wipeout 2048 for PlayStation Vita.

The game is available only as a download title for 4212 Yen (with tax) from the Japan PSN but the English version is available also from the local PSNs.
The new PS4 version supports the HDR, 60 fps and the 4K resolution (4K only on PS4 Pro).

The new Collection version comes with more than 26 courses, 46 different types of aircrafts, local battle mode with split screen and online game play mode. Check out the promotion video above buy it!