Koei Tecmo Games announced the release of the Winning Post Stallion which is the official smartphone version game of the Winning Post series. The game will be available from this summer in Japan on iOS and Android devices as a free to play title.

The basic game will be the same as the original title. Manage your own horse racing life, get a good rider, a great horse and win as much as you can. The new smartphone version game going to supports the real time player vs player racing and the game will use 3D graphics. Koei Tecmo Games going to adds horse racing data from the past 30 years includes legendary horses and riders.

With the announcement of the game, the official pre-registration campaign also started where you can get luxury items based on the registered users number. The official announcement PV also released with gameplay scenes and at the end you can see some pre-registration items.

The 2nd gift campaign of the game is the official Twitter campaign. Retweet the target twitter message and based on the retweet number you will get special costume for your manager like swimsuit, casual suit or a cat ear bikini set! More information coming soon! Stay tuned!