KONAMI announced the release date of the Japanese version Winning Eleven 2018 (Pro Evolution Soccer) which will be available on PlayStation 4 and 3 in the country. The new game will be available from September 14, 2017 (US/EU: September 12) for 9600 Yen + tax and 7600 Yen + tax on PS4 while on PS3 you can get it for 6600 Yen + tax. It shoudl be noted that the PS3 version will be available as a download only game.

The new Winning Eleven 2018 comes with several new features such as with the online CO-OP mode where you can play together with your friend in the same team and not just against of each other. The long-awaited “random selection match” also will be available in the game where the system going to set everything randomly. You can also enjoy playing against athletes randomly elected from multiple clubs.

According to KONAMI an e-Sports convention “PES league” will be held in the future with the game. The official website of the game is already opened and you can get some information from there. You can even watch the latest promotion video above.