Ubisoft Japan released three new promotion videos from the upcoming Watch Dogs 2. Each of the recorded from the English version of the game but Ubisoft added the Japanese narration.
The first video introducing the main character, the 2nd one some hacking method and the 3rd one the background story of the game.

Ubisoft Japan also published the official pre-order gifts for the PlayStation 4 version of the game!
From the Amazon Japan you will get 2 PlayStation 4 themes. From the GEO you will get the Stealth Pack which includes new skins for the drone and your car (chameleon Copter Decal and the VOID DASHER)
If you pre-order the game (still talking about the PS4 version) from the TSUTAYA you will get the “Outlaw Pack” which includes a new costume set and a new skin for your car.

The pictures of the pre-order gifts can be found in the gallery and in here you can watch the promotion videos: