On November 15, 2016 going to release in North America the Watch Dogs 2 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As we wrote on June 7, Ubisoft held in North America on June 8 the World Premier of the game where they published new promotion videos and some pictures.

The first title played in Chicago where Ubisoft managed to remodelling the city with all the infrastructure and added the additional elements like the cameras, the hacking tools, the signal device and everything to create a great TPS game. The 2nd game this time going to plays in San Francisco in the Silicon Valley. Ubisoft just like with the first game in this city going to remodelling everything and going to adds a larger number of NPC characters.

The game system is like in the first game. Use your phone, the hacking tools and hack everything what you can to success. With the new game we will get a new hacker main character called Marcus Holloway who can use his parkour skills to move faster in the city. Check out the new pictures and the new videos. More information coming on the E3 2016 next week!


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