AH-Software announced the release date of the VOICEROID2 speech synthesizer software. The 2nd edition of the software will be available from June 9, 2017 in Japan and only in Japanese in digital and package versions.

Voiceroid is a speech synthesizer application developed by AH Software and is designed for speech and the new, 2nd one comes with a more clear interface, multi-voice function, voice preset function and you can add even more emotions into the speeches. You can even split the audio files inside the software so you don’t need another audio editor program next to the VOICEROID2.

You can buy two different versions the Yukari and the Kotonoha ones. The different between the two softwares between the included AI girls but the basic software will be the same, no matter which one do you choose. (Kotonoha comes with 2 girls).

According to AH Software the suggested retail price will be the following ones:

VOICEROID2 Yukari Version:

  • 14 800 Yen + tax (package version)
  • 10 800 Yen + tax (download version)
  • 16 300 Yen + tax (package version with guidebook)

VOICEROID2 Kotonoha Version:

  • 17 800 Yen + tax (package version)
  • 12 800 Yen + tax (download version)
  • 19 300 Yen + tax (package version with guidebook)