D3 Publisher released some new pictures and details about the next shooter game the School Girl Zombie Hunter. The new title release on January 12, 2017 in Japan on PlayStation 4. In the game with a group of school girls you have to survive and escape from a school which is attacked by a horde of zombies but you also have to solve the mysterious thing behind all of this.

There will be a main character on the zombie side too called “Ren”. He is generates the zombies all the time that’s why you can’t just simple wipe out the horde because Ren going to send the new ones.

When you discover more and more the school you will enter into a hidden part under the building where you will find a mysterious facility. It looks like a research facility but the details are not published.

Next to Ren and the simple zombies sometimes you have to face with “Copy Zombies”. These zombies are much more intelligent than the normal ones. The “copy” means they can copy the personality and the abilities of the girls so when you face with the copy zombie it will be like to fight against yourself (try to not lose your weapon because they can use them also just see the pictures). The copy zombies also can speak so you can get some information.

A new shocking feature also published the decoy feature. No, you don’t hit the wall with a brick or something like that…the girls can use underwears as decoy to drop them and the zombies will fight for it. During these short seconds (10 seconds) you can shoot them behind.

You can also collect dropped underwears to use them as decoy but you can even wear them. But if you wear a found underwear you can’t take it off so the girls can’t be fully naked during the battles under their costumes. The underwears can be changed after a shower in the school’s gym. The underwear decoy works only on male zombies, the female zombies don’t care about it.

The new School Girl Zombie Hunter going to supports the online co-op mode where you can play together online with other players in real time. You can clear together the only online missions and you can clear them as many times as you wish. In the online mode maximum 5 people can play together (if only 3 of you going to play with the game, the CPU going to controls the left 2 characters).