Capcom going to release the new Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers on Nintendo Switch in this year and today some new information published about the special remake.

First of all the first person view point. Become Ryu from the first person perspective and knock down the shadow soldiers approaching! You have the left and right Joy – Cons on each of the left hand and the right hand, and you can unroll that wave fist or fist fight with a combination of motion control and buttons. Goal: Defeat the enemy Vega.

In addition there will be the “stage mode” which is something like a challenge mode where you have to defeat the enemy wave until your HP becomes 0. Before the challenge you can practice in the “training mode”. After the success practice and stage fighting you can reach extra points to upgrade your character in Vital, Attack, Speed, Guts, Defense and Luck. Spend the points on the right option and create the best character ever.

The game by the way comes with a special illustration aggregation. This one includes 1400 illustrations from the original game until the latest one in 250 dpi. All of them selected from the “Street Fighter Art Works Achieve”. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.