Square Enix released two new songs for the Theatrhythm FF All-Star Carnival arcade game in Japan.
The first one is the The Man with the Machine Gun from the FF VIII as a new BMS and the 2nd one is the Movement in Green from the FF X as a new FMS track.

With the new tracks a brand new Crystal event also started which going to be held until January 3, 2017. During this event you can join with your team to the GROOVE CRYSTAL and the BEAT CRYSTAL and you have to collect as much blue or red crystal (color depends on the team) as you can.

Once the event is finished Square Enix going to announce the result and the winner team going to gets Final Fantasy Tactics Ramza playable character and the arcade shop winner an extra Final Fantasy XIV track. It should be noted that you have to decide at the beginning the team. You can’t change it later and this competition in national wide. More information can be found on the official website!