Nippon Ichi release in 2017 April the next PlayStation game the Tsuihou Senkyo which will be available on PS4 and Vita as a new escape survival game.
The turth is according to the information nobody can escape from this ruined amusement park where the game plays.

The game focusing on a sister and a brother but the sister going to be banished soon during the first election. (She is called Alice). The brother (player) wants revenge on the 9 other player who voted on his little sister.

The election and the information system will be similar as the Danganronpa from Spike Chunsoft. Every 3rd day you will have to face with the election and those who raised their names against Alice they can be “candidates”.

Candidate can be opponent candidate or candidates. It means you can vote out more than one person. There are the Counterparty candidates should not let others know that they are “candidates for candidacy”.

Once the candidate is announced he / she has to appear in a limited time on the election. If he / she can’t the other “candidate” and “candidate for candidacy” can decide to what happen.

The election is simple. First, “candidate for candidacy” can choose to agree or disagree with that subject, “candidate” takes the opposite position to the opinion chosen by “candidate for candidacy”. Meanwhile, during the election, measures are taken which can not identify who is “candidate”, “candidate for candidacy”, “supporter”. Also, remarks that would make an individual be identified are deleted. In the election “candidate” and “candidate for candidacy” will discuss. Other participants vote for which opinion to support as “supporters”, and those who got a lot of votes will be the winners. Losers are expelled to the outside world and it means they are death (or not?)