Today started in Japan in the PlayStation Store the official Play, Doujin! Summer Fair 2016 summer sale where you can grab the latest Touhou Project games with special discounts until August 17, 2016.

During this period you can grab the DL version of the Mystery Gensokyo: The Tower of Desire (PS Vita) for 3240 Yen and you can get the DLCs 216 – 972 Yen.
You can also buy with special price the Double Focus: Aya and Momiji’s Bullet Coverage (Vita) for only 2100 Yen with tax.

If you are looking for a PlayStation 4 version Touhou game than you can choose the Genso Rondo for 2100 Yen (with tax) and you can buy the official PS4 theme for only 216 Yen (with tax).
On the list you can find the The Genius of Sappheiros which costs 2400 Yen (with tax) until August 17, 2016.

It should be noted that the special Four Seasons theme collection available also with a special price for one by one for 324 Yen (with tax) / theme.