Mediascape announced the release of the next Touhou PlayStation Vita game in Japan. The Touhou Gensou Maroku W: The Devil of Decline will be available from June 29, 2017 in the Japan PSN for 3000 Yen (with tax) as a download only game.

The game is a traditional turn based RPG game which released first on the Comiket 81 in 2011 on PC. Since the Touhou Project is getting still more and more popular it was just a matter of a time when will the game will be available on the PlayStation platforms under the “Play Doujin!” label.

The game comes with the same, 2011 released 2D, little bit dot style graphics and with the same story which gives about 100 hours long gameplay time. It will be available first only in Japanese and maybe later it will be available in North America and Europe.