If you are looking for an RTS based MMO game you maybe already heart about the Total Domination. The game started a couple of a years ago and move to the mobile platform with the Reborn version but you can still find it as Total Domination MMO Game.

In a nutshell this title plays in the future in the Wasteland, in the middle of the desert covered nothing more than just neverending wars and battles. As a player you are a commander called „Sector Commander”. Your job is to develop your own sector, find the materials, research new equipments defend your sector and of course get new territories. But now, lets see this game from closer a little bit.

First of all Total Domination is a free to play title. You only need a smartphone (iOS or Android) with internet connection and than you can play with the game. The game has a simple 2D graphics for those who are looking for something special 3D Unity engine used game, well Total Domination isn’t that one. But it doesn’t means that the game is bad from the graphics view. It still has some nostalgic 2D graphics with some (good motion parts) which is very popular in these days.

You can play alone just simple defend your sector, mining and develop it but you can join to groups to play together as a team with others from all over the world. The ultimate goal is the conquer the Wasteland so the „just chilling, no attack” style is not the best way what you can choose. In your sector you can find the Tech Nexus and the Research Center where you can develop your own land and the narrator (named General Trevor Winters) is fully voiced which is a good point for the game.
In the game everything happens in real time. What you can see on your screen it happens in that second not later or sooner so this game is a real time MMO browser one.

Starting the Game
Once you got the client from the Google Play / AppStore you can start to play with the game. With a little tutorial you can learn the basic things of the life in the Total Domination Reborn world. The above mentioned General going to helps to you. It is easy and really helpful. Once you cleared the first tutorial stages the game getting more and more serious and you have to clear quests. Later the quests going to have optional parts which means you don’t have to clear them but if you do it you will get extra bonus for example Crystals (they are the in-game currency). By the way if you don’t like the voice of the narrator (we didn’t have any problem with it but some of our friends didn’t like it) you can simple turn it off and than you can read the instructions. Once you finished the tutorial the real game starts.

Materials, Materials Everywhere
In the Total Domination Reborn the main goal is to rule the Wasteland. Not less, not more. Only the strongest can survive and simple defending yourself is not the best way. You have to attack to be bigger and stronger. When start to develop your own sector you only have a small base. Of course with it you can’t do so much more than develop: researching, getting materials and waiting. Sometimes the development is fast but in some parts we found it a little bit slow but you can live with it. Like in most of the RTS games each building has a major function and you can find them under different categories. If you are an RTS player already, you know what it means. Getting a new feature you need a new facility, but for the facility you need resource and you need time. It is true for your units, for abilities and everything int he game. Time is a key point next to the good strategy.
You know, time is money.

In the Total Domination like in the Star Craft you have to collect different materials specialy for high-end units and the latest buildings. You need Titanium, Uranium, Credits, and you can collect them from the Titanium Mines, Uranium Mines and Vaults. They are just the basic materials, for advanced units you need Tech Nodes , Bioplasma, Protocrystals. You can collect the Tech Nodes when you are level up but the Bioplasma and the Protocrystals comes from serious material collecting.

Your Army, Your Success (or Fail)
Since you have to face sooner or later with other players you have to keep in mind that you need an army. For a good army you need units and technologies to be strong ont he battlefield and control an advanced sector army. After you have created your Research Lab the technology tree (like a skill tree in RPG games) going to opens and you can start to develop your technologies. With technologies you can unlock new and upgrade units, but you can also unlock some new buildings. Each new subject requires Modules but you can get them from your Tech Advisor. If you have a Module what you don’t need you can trade them on the local Black Market. This is another way to keep in touch with the others players not just with battles or in the group. If you are using clever the Black Market you can do some serious development is a short time. The most annyoing thing like in an RTS games is the waiting for the new technology. As you develop more and better ones you need more time too next to the modules, materials. You can research only one new Technology in a time (we didn’t liked it) but you can boost the time using Boost Items. Boost Items available from the store for real money but you can acquire some if you clear missions with certain conditions. So now you have the technology, you need units and an army.

In this game you can develop different types of units for different usage. You can have defensive, offensive and specialized units. As you can see from the category types you can use them to defend your sector, attack another player or for special situations you can have some special units. You can use all of them for defense, attack but keep in mind a defense unit is not the best to visit another sector with battle note. You can move your units into the Bunkers where you can save them from the enemy units but not for a long time but you can keep your self a lots of time if you use this way until your army comes back to your sector.

Sometimes you can defend yourself alone or destory another sector but the best way is to join into a clan and work together with the member. Not just for the bigger attacks but a clan member also can defend you from the enemy while you are attacking a sector. Clan members also can share between each other the resources, you can communicate and if you want a unique and own clan you can do it with a name, flag (banner) and with a hierarchy in it.

There is a feature what you can use only when you are in a Clan. This is the capture the Emitters. You can use a special material from it (so everyone wants them…prepare to defend yours or get one from others) the Antigen what you need for the strongest and the best units. Some of the players says you can’t win in this game without an Emitter.

If you need some premium service or item, than in this part the game turns from free into a paid one (like all the other F2P games). In the premium you can buy Crystals (for real money) what you can spend to your sector but the system pops up some random offers for the players what you can accept or simple turn it off. Don’t be angry, the developer staff needs money to run this game.

Final Words
As you can see the Total Domination is a classic RTS game. Nothing less or more but it has some good points and we can say it is a relative good game but you need time to develop a good base.
The game has a simple but good retro style 2D graphics and the setting interface is rich and you can control easily (we tried it on phones with screens up to 5.0”) and because of the atmosphere is can be a good alternative game for the classic Star Craft players for example. It has many character options and you can spend time (and money) in the technology part with simle on your face.
Overall the game has a strong „GOOD” mark from us and we recommend it to try it!