Falcom Japan updated the official website of the Tokyo Xanadu eX+ which going to release on September 8, 2016 in Japan. This title is the official, 1080p (full HD) 60 fps remake of the Tokyo Xanadu PlayStation Vita game for PlayStation 4 and one of the major update will be the side story part.

In one of the side story chapter a new character the The White Shadow going to appears who comes from another world from an underground gate. The published story here ends and Falcom going to release the left details later so prepare for spoiler alert.

Not just The White Shadow going to be a new side story part of the game. The new eX+ going to focus in a side episode for the girls specially for Rion Kugayama. After a certain incidents where Rion involved the teachers from the school going to ask so much questions in a local hospital from her. However, Rion has a secret and she doesn’t wants to tell it so easily.

Falcom in the near future going to release more information about this updated version Tokyo Xanadu. So stay tuned!