On September 8, 2016 going to release in Japan the new, PlayStation 4 version Tokyo Xanadu the Tokyo Xanadu eX+. The game will be the official port version of the PS Vita version Tokyo Xanadu with 60fps supports and 1080p resolution.

Falcom Japan today updated the official website and published a new system feature which is one of the new element in this new, PS4 version game the V-Navi.

V-Navi is an additional SNS application of the NiAR which is mounted in to your own mobile terminal in the game and in there you can find the V-Navi.
Using the V-Navi you can receive voice navigation and messages from the system and the NPC characters. Using V-Navi the game will be more interactive but according to Falcom there is a limitation of the usage in the game. More details will be published later. Stay tuned!