Respawn Entertainment announced the smartphone game version of the Titanfall the Titanfall Frontline which will be available on Android and iOS as a free to play CARD BATTLE game. The release date of the game is not clear and the developer of the title is not Respawn but NEXON and Particle City.

The official teaser website already opened in English and Japanese where you can pre-register for the game. The game will be available from the Google Play and the Apple AppStore.

In the Titanfall Frontline you will use burn cards from the original Titanfall series and you can combine characters the pilots and the Titan using other skill cards but the player can organize a favorite deck with the unlocked cards.
The attacks and the defends are automatic skills, you don’t have to hit any attack or defend buttons.

Check out the pictures in the gallery and pre-register from the official website! More information coming soon!