MediaScape announced the release of three new Touhou games in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as the part of the Play,Doujin!

The first game will be the Touhou Gensou Maroku W which will be available from 2017 June on PlayStation Vita. It will be the remake of the 2011 release PC RPG game which released during the Comiket 81.

The next one is the Gundemonium which is a sidescrolling view shooter game. It will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in the near future but not even the release month is known.

The 3rd game is the Diadra Empty which is by the way available on the Steam too. It’s another sidescrolling shooter game and according to MediaScape the game will be available on PlayStation 4 during this Summer.

Until more information about the games, please stay tuned.