One month left and first in Japan going to release the next Sword Art Online game the Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
Bandai Namco now released some details about the weapon upgrade system and you can see some pictures from the different city parts.
But first check out the upgrade system.

You can upgrade not just the characters but also your equipment like in most of the RPG games.
Once you have your weapon you can start to collect the necessary materials for the upgrade. Depends on how rare is your weapon or your armor you need so much and rare items for the upgrade. If the equipment adds some special skill to you, with the upgrade the skill will be more effective than before.

Once you find the material you have to find a skillful blacksmith for the level up. If you choose a beginner one (cheaper than a pro) it can cause damage on your weapon so in other words the success is not guaranteed.

So now we arrived to the blacksmith. Depends on the blacksmith you will face not just different prices but you can get some extra elements to the weapons. These extra elements available only with the skillful blacksmith and they are like unique marks. Next to it, if you going to back so many times to the same blacksmith he / she can join to your party for a short time to help in a mission.

Once you reached the maximum level of the weapon you maybe can evolve it. (not all the weapons can evolve, only the rare and the ultra rare ones). With the evolution the shape also going to change, it will be more stronger and you maybe get some extra skills!

Bandai Namco as we wrote also published some pictures from the city.
In the gallery you can find pictures about the Gate Square, Shopping Street, Lookout, Lakeside Park and Kirito’s room. More information coming soon!