Grasshopper Manufacture has updated “The Silver Case” HD Remaster PC Version to include two new chapters – “White Out” and “Yami” – which link the story to its upcoming sequel. As well as adding the two new scenarios, some adjustments to the game regarding some movies/images and additional achievements have also been included.

The update includes the following cotents:

  1. “White Out” and “Yami” have been added to “The Silver Case” HD remaster PC Version. The two new chapters tie the main story and the upcoming sequel together smoothly by depicting some of the events occur between the two.
    Transmitter: Added the scenario “White Out”
    Scenario written by Goichi Suda
    Illustrations by Takashi Miyamoto
    Placebo: Added the scenario “Yami”
    Scenario written by Masahi Ooka
    Illustrations by Masaki Ikeda
  2. New songs have been remixed for this update.
    Menu Selection Screen Music Remix: Akira Yamaoka & Erika Ito
    New tracks made for the new scenarios.
  3. Transmitter: Sayaka Baian’s New Design
    Fully remade movies. Cast: Arisa Matsunaga (It is possible to switch between the original version and the remastered version in the graphic settings.)
    Comic Beam Cover and inside illustration has been refreshed
  4. Addition of new achievements
    Added 8 new achievements

According to Grasshopper all platforms (Steam / PLAYISM / GOG / Humble Store) will be updated sequentially from today (May 30) in Japan time.

If you still don’t have the game, you can get the PC version from the Steam with 40% OFF until May 31, 2017! Be fast!