On July 16, 2016 going to release the next Yo-Kai Watch game in Japan on Nintendo 3DS the Yo-kai Watch 3. The new title will be available first in Japan only and the US / EU release still unknown since the Yo-kai Watch 2 release only this September in those regions. But lets go back to the Yo-kai Watch 3.

In the new Yo-kai Watch 3 you can create your own Nyan cat and you can customize him also. You can change the appearance and you can edit his skills and he can even help in the battles. You can teach your own Nyan to learn new skills and abilities what you can use in the battles and the game. Check out the pictures.

Then new Yo-kai Watch 3 brings new stages, new characters and even new enemies. There will be a story part where during the night zombies going appears and spread in the town and you have to stop them. Not just the zombie characters are new but their own “boss” a crazy Dr. woman with her zombie gun to turn people into zombies and rule the local area!

While in Japan you have to deal with the zombies in the USA you have to help to solve some mysterious problem for two detectives. They are totally looks like Mulder and Scully and gues what? They will be called the same in the game as in the TV show and they will show to you the “Y” files! Details of the mysterious FBI deal will be published later.

In the new Yo-kai Watch 3 you will travel between Japan and the USA visiting different stages and you have to use different items to clear the missions. In the new Yo-kai Watch 3 you will face with a mini-music game to clear some parts and according to Level-5 the music rhythm part will be available in a free to play mode! Check out the pictures and stay tuned for more information!


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