Pierrot in this month announced the release of a new Osomatsu-san smartphone game which will be available in Japan from 2017 February for 240 Yen (with tax) on iOS and Android.
The company today released some new information about the game which looks like a Pokemon GO game with mini games and AR features.

As we already wrote in the first article about the game the new Osomatsu-san going to use your phone’s GPS feature. So without GPS and internet connection you can’t play with half of the game which by the way will be limited to Japan so despite you install it on your phone, if you are not in the country you can’t play with the most fan part of the game.

And what is this part? Well you have to find the main characters in JAPAN. The GPS going to detect the nearest Osomatsu-san character and you have to walk there to catch it like in the Pokemon GO.

The game going to release with Rock / Paper / Scissors mini game well, which is the part of the main “find the character” feature of the game. Once you found the character you have to win in the Rock / Paper / Scissors battle. If you can’t it will run away and you have to find it again. Some rare version ones will be “detectable” only with support items so if you fail in the Rock / Paper / Scissors game you will lose your support item too.

You can do the “Rock / Paper / Scissors” battles using the game’s original background or using the AR feature and than the real world will be the background. Simple goal: get as much character card as you can.

The game going to detect the characters really far away from you. You can set this “Hello Walk” feature which show the real far away ones what you can’t reach by foot or just with long hour walking. Worth the travel of an Osomatsu-san card? Depends on you.

You can even do pictures with the already got characters from the card with the game’s background or with the AR camera like in the battles. You can save these pictures to use them as your wallpaper but you can even share them on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.