Spike Chunsoft released today the new promotion video of the upcoming Danganronpa V3 game which release on January 12, 2017 in Japan on PS Vita and PlayStation 4.
In the new New Danganronpa V3 Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki PV you can see some “back to school” actions and introducing 16 people. The narrator is Monokuma (Monokuma).

In the gallery you can also find the new pre-order gift illustrations from the selected stores where you can pre-order the package version of the game for some gifts.
The list is the following:

  • Animate (A4 Clear File)
  • Amazon (Custom Theme)
  • Imagine WEB (A1 fabric poster)
  • EDION (A4 Clear File)
  • GEO (A4 Clear File)
  • Takarajima (Three can badges 44 mm)
  • Kojima (A4 Clear File)
  • Sanyodo (A4 Clear File)
  • Joshin (Smartphone Wallpaper)
  • Seagull (A3 Poster)
  • Theta Comroad (QUO card)
  • Stellaworth (A4 Clear File + Can badge set)
  • Sofmap (A4 Clear File)
  • TSUTAYA (Bookmark set)
  • Neowing (Pass card case)
  • PAO (Original T-Shirt)
  • BIC (A4 Clear File)
  • Fammys (A4 Clear File)
  • Futabatosho (Rubber Strap)
  • Furu1Online (A5 ring notebook)
  • Yamada Denki (Notebook)
  • Yodobashi Camera (A4 Clear File)
  • Rakuten (Original Designed Edy card)
  • Loppi & HMV (A4 Clear File, Can Badge Set and Tote bag)
  • WonderGOO (multi pouch case)