Bandai Namco released today the long awaited PlayStation 4 only Idolmaster game the Idolm@ster Platinum Stars. The game available currently only in Japan for 8200 Yen + tax but the Platinum BOX version (Limited Edition) costs 12 400 Yen + tax.

To celebrate the release of the game, Bandai Namco today published the first issue of the Idolm@ster Platinum Stars DLC series and also published the 13th character promotion video with Hagiwara Yukiho.

From the DLC issue you can buy the Miracle Night track with its own costume the Miracle DanceHall costume but you can also buy the “I Want” track too.
It should be noted that the smartphone additional app with Haruka also available (you can send and receive e-mail with her using your own smartphone).

If you buy the DLC package you will get 200 000 in-game money as a special gift! The DLC available from the Japan PSN or you can find the exactly details in here: