Bandai Namco released today the first VR Idolmaster game in Japan the The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution for PlayStation VR.
The game available from the Japan PSN (requires a PlayStation 4 too just like any other PS VR games) and the price is 2296 Yen + tax.

The player of the game can experience a real Idolmaster anime style show from the audience view and you can already buy extra items from the released DLCs such as concert lights with bands and avatars. Each character has its own style gift but if you want you can buy the full set (includes 15 avatars, lights, bands) for 7500 Yen (with tax) or only the lights for 4000 Yen (with tax).

It should be noted that if you buy the game until November 30, 2016 you will get a gift PlayStation 4 theme which comes with the game version of the “Yes! Party Time!!” song as BGM.