On July 6, 2016 going to release the next Character CD of the Code:Realize Sousei no Himegimi PS Vita ADV game from Idea Factory. The new CD going to includes songs from Saint and you can buy it for 1500 Yen + tax. If you choose the Limited Edition version (for 2300 Yen + tax) you will get a special key chain strap which has the main character of the CD on it. Here is the cover of the CD and the tracklist:

  1. キャラクターソング/歌:サン・ジェルマン(CV:平川大輔)
  2. キャラクターソング(Off Vocal)
  3. ミニドラマ/出演:サン・ジェルマン(CV:平川大輔)


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