Bandai Namco opened the teaser website of the upcoming TV Anime game the Macross Delta Scramble. The game will be available from 2016 October 20 in Japan on PlayStation Vita based on the original Macross Delta TV Animation.

The new title going to costs 6100 Yen + tax (package version), 5500 Yen + tax (download version) and the Limited Edition going to costs 9000 Yen + tax. The Limited Edition version will be available in digital edition too for 8100 Yen + tax.

According to Bandai Namco the new Macross Delta Scramble will be a flight-action shooter game following the original story of the 13 episodes long Macross Delta. The game going to has a brand new theme song the ワルキューレ (Valkyrie) and on the idol list we can find the new and the youngest idol of the year JUNNA who is only 15 years old.

Visit the teaser website of the game and wait for more information.