Takara Tomy announced the release date of the upcoming TCG smartphone game the WAR OF BRAINS. The new smartphone game will be available from December 1, 2016 on iOS and Android as a free to play game.

The game going to be the same as the Duel Masters or the WIXOSS game was and you can enjoy real multiplayer battles. In the first time you can unlock 180 different cards and you can use 40 cards in one deck in one game. Each of them going to has different skills and features and the cards going to have 4 different types: GAME CHANGER, SUPER RARE, RARE, COMMON.

It should be noted that you can buy the extra cards for real money in the game. One pack goig to costs 240 Yen, 8 packs going to costs 1800 Yen, and 1 box (with 24 packs) going to costs 4800 Yen. If you want an extra pack with rare cards in your hands when the game release pre-register now on the official website!