On October 27, 2016 going to release the next Sword Art Online game in Japan the Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization on PlayStation 4 and Vita.
Bandai Namco today released the new profile details of Kizmel and some mission pictures with a few words.

So, Kizmel is a dark elf swordmand who is the keeper of the forest. She will be only an NPC character not a playable one but she will joins to you in a special missions next to Kirito and Asuna. Her voice will be Shizuka Ito just like in the TV Animation.

In the new SAO game you can connect the Sword Skills between the party characters
If you meet with certain conditions you can choose the Sword skill connect feature which going to makes a combo attack includes the available characters (with sword skills only).

Quest on the Field
When you are moving on the fields you may going to face with special quests called “Event Fragment!” You can find these mini quests on the maps also and you can earn extra EXP and items if you clear them.

Episode Quest
As you clear all the Event Fragment quests on the stage with in the current main chapter an Episode Quest going to release and if you clear it you will get a huge amount of gifts! That’s why you should have to clear the Event Fragment quest!

Bandai Namco also published two CG pictures of the upcoming story DLC package the Abyss of Miko. The details are unknown but the package going to gives to you extra story chapters and hours of playtime next to the main game’s story.

A few words also published about the Ending theme of the game.
The song comes from “Haruka Tomatsu” and the title is the “Two of Us”. You can listen the song on the upcoming promotion video which will be published on the official website!
More information coming soon! Stay tuned!