On December 15, 2016 released in all regions the new smartphone Mario game the Super Mario Run. The basic game is a free to play but sadly you soon reach the level where you have to pay if you want to continue it.

The game already made 14 million USD for Nintendo and DeNA and it already has 37 million downloads in the AppStore (worldwide). Just in the USA the game did 8 million dollars and in Japan 3 million dollars (the rest comes from Europe, Australia and the other regions together).

It is clear now, that more and more people ready to pay real money for quality smartphones games but it is still not as accepted as for a console or a PC game. The new Super Mario Run brings the same quality and graphics as on the Nintendo 3DS series so you can be soon addicted and it is still cheaper than a console game (in North America the game costs 9.99 USD while in Europe 9.99 EUR, in Japan you can buy the full content for 1200 Yen).

The new Super Mario Run at the moment available only on iOS but the game will be available from 2017 on Android too.