One of the most interesting PlayStation VR game available from today from the Japan PSN the “Summer Lesson” from Bandai Namco where the player is a tutor and you have to help in the studying for Akira Miyamoto who has to face with some serious summer exams.

In the first edition what you can buy you can meet only with Akira but in the near future with several updates new characters and new features will be available in the game.

In the previous article we already published the 1st day flow which basically is the same in all the 7 days except the last day where we can find out the exam results.

Bandai Namco today published some new pictures and details this time about the fashion part of the game. Akira can appears in several different clothes not just in her normal school costume or in the first edition gift costume. Depends on her mode, Akira can appears in different normal, casual suits like t-shirt, shorts, skirts etc.

If you can meet with the everyday goals, you can unlock lucky items what you can use during the days and you can unlock some special events but Bandai didn’t published any details about these special stages.

Anyway, check out the pictures and if you can buy games from the Japan PSN grab this title!