On October 13, 2016 going to release the new PlayStation VR game from Bandai Namco the Summer Lesson. For the first you can play with Akira Miyamoto and later other characters will be available to play. In the game you can spend 7 days with Akira and Bandai Namco now published some details and pictures from the first day!

The player will be a tutor and will be charged for Akira. She has to prepare for the last exams so she can travel back home for a summer vacation to her family.
Akira by the way is a happy girl. She loves to work in the school club with her friends but she got bad results in the last tests so she need a tutor.

The player during the 7 days has to repeat several lessons and tasks everyday with Akira but you can do different things during the break times and after the studying. Depends on the result in the final exams the end of the game can be changed everytime!

Day 1
On the first day the player going to enters into a coffee shop. Here the player can order coffee you can walk around in the shop and you can prepare for the 7 days and you can review some details about Akira. You can control everything with your had and with the controller of the PS4.

Every morning you have to prepare what to work on that day. You can choose from different subjects and on the dashboard you can see the result of Akira in a special diagram which can be familiar for the RPG gamers. It will be like a skill chart.

The first lesson starts at 10:00 morning after the morning greetings. The content of the lesson always change as you getting into more and more of the subject. It is possible to ask from Akira, check her results.

At 15:00 you can have a break time. Here you can have some free times with Akira and if you are lucky you can have some surprise moment too. Akira in this time usually checking her smartphone and if you stay close enough you can peep if you want but pay attention for it. You can also do some documentations during the break and mark the results on a 2D screen.

At the end of the study session you can check the result. You will see how Akira improved and you can check what you have to focus on more on the next day. Don’t forget, like in the real life you can’t study everything on a same day. Create a schedule and follow it.

The new Summer Lesson will be available first only in Japan on October 13, 2016 for 2980 Yen + tax. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!