Steam version of the women love ADV game the Office lovers released today


D3 Publisher released today in all regions the new PC Visual Novel port game the Office lovers (Kougai Kinshi (Mitsu) Office Love). This game released in 2014 on iOS and Android first in Japan and later in other regions in English.

The new port version now available in all regions even in English and you can buy it for 15.99 USD / 1580 Yen (with tax) but on the first week you can get the game with 40% OFF.

But what is this game? First of all it is a women (forbidden) love visual novel. You are an employee at a major cosmetics company, and you just got selected to be a member of a team in charge of developing a new product in time for Christmas. While working together with your co-workers on the project, they also help you learn things about yourself…