CAVE and Degica released in all regions the official PC port version of the Dodonpachi Resurrection shooter game on Steam.
The game available for 2533 Yen (with tax), 25.49 USD / 23.79 EUR until October 24, 2016 than the 15% OFF discount going to be finished.

This title is a vertical shooter game which released in 2008 May first in Japan and later on Xbox 360 in Europe and North America too.
The Steam version includes 8 different modes such as the 1.5, 1.51 and the Black Label, but here is the exactly feature list:

Choose between three ships and three Styles
Cancel bullets and increase your score with the Hyper Counter system
Turn the tides and clash lasers with the Counter Laser system
Explore the complete DDPR experience with 8 different modes
1. Normal 1.5
The original, refined game.
2. Normal 1.51
A different scoring system and controls in this Cave Matsuri special version.
3. Arrange B
Play single stages in this highly customisable mode.
4. Arrange A (ver L)
A newly arranged mode with mechanics and a ship borrowed from DDP Blissful Death.
5. Novice
A crash course in bullet hell for newcomers!
6. Black Label
A new method of attack and a new final boss await!
7. Black Label Novice
Experience Black Label without the difficulty!
8. Black Label Arrange
Control the Tiger Schwert from KETSUI in the first international release for this mode!
Bring in devastating backup with two-player local cooperative play
Master the intricate scoring systems for which CAVE has become famous
Steam Trading Cards, Cloud Saves, and Leaderboard support

If you want to buy the game just simple visit the official Steam Store Page and buy it! URL: