Square Enix going to enters to the TCG world with the Dragon Quest series. The company today announced in Japan the Dragon Quest Rivals which will be a smartphone card battle game similar as the Shadowverse, Hearthstone, Code of Joker etc.

The game will be available in 2017 first in Japan and the recruiting is started for the closed beta test already on the official website. The CBT will be held between June 9 and 18, 2017 with 2000 iOS and 8000 Android users.

As you can see from the promotion video and the pictures the new Rivals comes with a different battle system than the Shadowverse or the Hearthstone. You will see the characters on the battle field and their attacks, not just the effects and the cards.

The new Dragon Quest Rivals is not the only one TCG or TCG style game from Square Enix. The company is already working another game which is a half RPG / TCG called SERVANT of THRONES. Square Enix already finished the first CBT with the game in Japan.