On June 29, 2017 going to release in Japan the first, PlayStation Vita version Osomatsu-san game the Osomatsu-san The Game Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice -Date or Work- from Idea Factory.

The game will be available in normal version, limited edition and there will be a special, PlayStation Vita included bundle one which comes with an engraved Vita console. The console’s color will be white and comes with a special Osomatsu-san design.

The price will be 24 450 Yen + tax and for this price you will get the console with the original PS Vita theme, the package version of the game and all the official accessories for the console. You can already pre-order it in Japan from the official retailers.
URL: http://www.sony.jp/playstation/store/special/psvita/osomatsusan_the_game/