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CROSS†CHANNEL ~For all people~ the 2nd Play Animation video!

Japanese Game Title:: 
クロスチャンネル ~For all people~

CROSS†CHANNEL ~For all people~ the 2nd Play Animation video!5pb published the 2nd play animation video of the CROSS†CHANNEL ~For all people~ PS3 / VIta game!
Here you can watch the video from the upcoming game!

On June 26, 2014 going to release the PS3 / PS Vita version CROSS†CHANNEL ~For all people~ in Japan. The game going to be based on the original PC Novel game and 5pb today published a new promotion video. This video is the 2nd play animation video from the game where a mysterious girl appears, riding her bike! Here is the video!

See video

ものべの -pure smile-

Angel Beats!-1st beat-

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