New monster smartphone game is on the way but this time not a puzzle RPG style!
KITERETSU working on a new card monster game the Solitaire Monsters which is as you can see from the title based on the easy and popular card game the solitaire.
The new title will be available on iOS and Android in the near future in Japan but the exactly release date is not clear.

It should be noted that you can try the BETA version from today until October 6, 2016 but only with the Android version (sorry iOS users). Next to it you can pre-register from today and depends on the registered users number you can grab more and more extra gifts!

The new Solitaire Monsters will be easy to play if you ever played before with the solitaire. When you clear a block with your monsters you can defeat the main enemy like in the Puzzle and Dragons and just like in the other games you can play with Quest Mode and Battle Mode (campaign) and the multiplayer mode also will be supported!

Check out above the official trailer of the game and stay tuned for more information!