On August 31, 2016 in North America and Europe, on September 1, 2016 today in Japan released the PC (Steam) version of the classic SNK Playmore fighting game THE LAST BLADE. This title is the official remake of the 2D epic fighting game from the 90’s with 14 playable characters and multiplayer mode! The game available for 9.99 EUR / 980 Yen / 9.99 USD supports several languages but the voice available only in Japanese!

Pick a fighter from the 12 (+2 boss) characters available, and select between the simple and highly-damaging “Power” mode, or the technical and deep “Speed” game mechanic. Challenge and defeat all 10 opponents who will stand in your way, and learn more about your character’s story via the splendid game endings!

Connect to Steam, and cross swords with the best of the best in “THE LAST BLADE” via the “Invite a Friend” & “Lobby” multiplayer features.

Check your current rank & score in “THE LAST BLADE” at any time, as well as those of your friends and other top players!

Configure various types of video options, controls and volume sound settings to your preference for the most pleasant “THE LAST BLADE” experience ever.