SmileBoom made a special price cut on the company’s RPG maker software the SMILE GAME BUILDER. This project started in 2016 September and using the software you can create your own RPG game without any hardcore programming skills just like with the RPG Maker.

The original price of the SMILE GAME BUILDER is 9800 Yen (with tax) / 84 USD but until January 2, 2017 you can get it with 20% OFF which means the software costs 7840 Yen (with tax) / 63.99 USD! The software supports English and Japanese and available via the Steam Store.

It should be noted that if you buy it now you will get the program with all the latest updates includes the 3D battles and effects and monsters and items comes later in 2017 January. You will also get the BETA version of the VR support but you can test your VR game later in 2017 on HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

If you are looking for a new user friendly game making software but you don’t want to learn coding this is a great chance to grab the SMILE GAME BUILDER.