On June 8, 2016 today started the operation of the Magic Library Qurare on iOS and Android via the official applications on DMM.com. This title is a free to play card battle RPG game what you can play by the from your PC browser also. The today released version is the official Google Play / Apple AppStore version, the DMM.com Store edition released on May 26 already.

Several new campaign started with the today released version of the Magic Library Qurare. From June 8 until August 31, 2016 you can unlock your pre-registration gifts SR+ Miu card, magic stones and boost items package to be stronger from the first login already than the “normal” players.

The next campaign is a Twitter campaign which started today and going to be held until August 31, 2016. During this time depends on the retweets and the followers number of the official Magic Library Qurare Twitter account you can get 2 than 3 than 5 magic stones so totally 10 stones what you can spend on to roll out rare characters to your pack.

The last campaign is the release, memorial campaign which is a simple Login campaign. Just login until June 13, 2016 and you will get everday 3 magic stones. (This campaign is available only in the Google Play / Apple AppStore version Magic Library Qurare).


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