After the DMM version, Griffon announced the release of the smartphone version Idol Wars the Idol War PURE STAGE release for Mobage, GREE, D Game. The game will be available in this Summer in Japan on iOS and Android and it will be free to play just like the original version.

Griffon with the announcement also started to accept the pre-registrations for the game where you can get 200 recovery items, 10 rare Idol character gatcha ticket and 1 Summer Sun sheet (Premium Item).

Griffon going to choose lucky users from the pre-registered ones for extra gifts! 10 Mobage version users will receive 10 000 coins, 10 GREE version users will win 10 000 coins after they cleared the tutorial while the D Game users will gets 350 extra coins once they cleared the first missions after the release of the game.

The pre-registration link can be found on the official website and you can choose your preferred platform. Good luck!