On February 1, 2017 today released in Japan two popular ADV games’ remake on iOS and Android the CHAOS;CHILD and the Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE! Each of them available with special price tags until February 28, 2017 during the 5pb Winter Sale event from the Japan AppStore and the Google Play.

The CHAOS;CHILD available only for the iOS users for 4800 Yen (with tax) but you can get it for 2000 Yen (with tax) until Feb.28.
The Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE available for 1600 Yen (with tax) instead of 3800 Yen (with tax) and the best thing is that this game also available IN ENGLISH.

During the campaign period the English version costs 12.99 USD instead of r 31.99 USD.
If you want new, 5pb quality ADV games on your phone grab these games now!