Wright Flyer Studios released today the Shoumetsu Toshi Original Soundtrack Vol.3 album in Japan. The album available in digital form only, for 1350 Yen (with tax) or you can buy just tracks for 200 Yen (with tax) / track price.

The album available in the iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music. The official tracklist can be found in here and you can find the cover in the gallery.

  1. Recoil
  2. Green Light
  3. Now I feel U(Arrange Version)
  4. Stay with Me(Arrange Version)
  5. Reloaded
  6. Lunar
  7. Phases
  8. Recoil(Strings Version)
  9. Our Lost Future
  10. 世界の終わりと最後の言葉(Strings Version)
  11. Flashback vs Avalon(NRG Factory Rework)
  12. Special MegaMix 2016(※アルバム購入限定トラック)