Nippon Ichi announced today the release date of the Japanese version Shin Yomawari which is the sequel of the horror adventure game, the Yomawari. The original game released on PlayStation Vita and later on PC (Steam) and the new version which includes new characters and a new story will be available on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan.

The price will be 6980 Yen + tax (PS4 package and download version), 8980 Yen + tax (PS4 limited edition), 5980 Yen + tax (PS Vita package and download version), 7980 Yen + tax (PS Vita Limited Edition).

The story this time going to focus on two girls and their last summer vacation day. After the end of the firework they can’t find the way to home and the story from that part going to follows each of them one by one. The goal is to escape from this town which turned into a ghost town during that night.

The game’s system will be the same as in the original game. You will have only one flash light and you have to avoid the ghost during your way. The character design will be the same but we sure that Nippon Ichi going to adds some new gimmicks. Check out the new pictures in our gallery and stay tuned for more information.