On August 24, 2017 going to release the sequel of the Yomawari horror adventure game in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Vita, the Shin Yomawari. The game comes with a brand new story and this time you have two characters and you have to get back to home from the last summer day’s firework event.

The basic graphics and the engine is the same so if you played with the first game you will used to system in 1 second. In the game to get out from the “hell” you have to search different items on different stages includes school yard, train, city etc. But in the new game you have to face with new gimmicks such as road blocker items what you have to push to the right direction if you want to move on.

It should be noted that like in a mini puzzle game if you push to the wrong direction the block you may can’t back and you have to restart the stage again from the last save point.

With the girls you can pick up dropped items. These items are not just simple helpful but they tell you the missed parts of the mysterious story of the game.

Like in the first game you own “weapon” is nothing more than a flashlight. You can’t defeat the enemy demons and ghost with it so you have to avoid them. Some of them get away from the light but some of them going to attack you. They key is to understand the enemy’s nature to avoid it. After a couple of “meetings” with them you will learn it and you will know what to do.

The new Shin Yomawari will be available not just in normal but in Limited Edition also. If you choose the LE version of the game you will get the package version Shin Yomawari, Illustration Book full wirt arts from the game, Mini novel book with an independent story and all of this in a special box. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.